INDIEPIX acquires DVD and VOD US rights for A Blast

Indiepix acquired the DVD and VOD US rights for A BLAST.
Release dates for both formats to be announced soon.

Greek DVD-release for A BLAST | Η ΕΚΡΗΞΗ στα ελληνικά βιντεοκλάμπ

Κυκλοφόρησε στα βιντεοκλαμπ η ελληνική dvd έκδοση της ΕΚΡΗΞΗΣ (A BLAST) από την Tanweer. Eλληνικοί και αγγλικοί υπότιτλοι, φωτογραφίες από τα γυρίσματα και βίντεο από τις πρόβες, κριτικές, φεστιβάλ, κ.α.

A Blast in Cypriot cinemas November 20th

A Blast in Cypriot cinemas November 20th – Η ΕΚΡΗΞΗ στους κυπριακούς κινηματογράφους από 20 Νοεμβρίου

Λευκωσία / Nicosia (Κ Cineplex & Κ Cineplex @ the Mall of Cyprus), Λεμεσός / Limassol (K CIneplex & Rio Limassol), Λάρνακα / Larnaca (K Cineplex), Πάφος / Paphos (Κ Cineplex @ the Kinghs Avenue Mall)

A Blast selected for the European Film Showcase 2015 of the American Film Institute

American Film Institute (AFI) selects Syllas Tzoumerkas’ A BLAST for this year’s European Film Showcase at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring in Washington! Screenings: Sat, Dec. 12, 9:40 p.m.; Sun, Dec. 13, 7:15 p.m

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Maria Filini wins the Best Debut by an Actress Award at the Athens IFF for A BLAST

Maria Filini unanimously wins the Best Debut by an Actress Award at the Athens IFF for her performance as ‘Gogo’ in A BLAST!

Maria Filini thanked the jury and the festival, Syllas Tzoumerkas for the trust and the friendship, Youla Boudali & Syllas Tzoumerkas for writing such a monster like Gogo and Maria Drandaki for making it all happen. She dedicated the award to her sister.

Italy: A BLAST wins the Critics’ Prize at the Otranto FFF

Italy: Syllas Tzoumerkas’ A BLAST wins the Critics’ Prize at the Otranto FFF! for “its capacity to narrate through its fragmented and sensitive expressivity the desperate and vengeful desire of a woman who, as a modern Medea, looks for her self-affirmation in the frame of contemporary Greece.”

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A BLAST in Danish cinemas!

A Blast in Danish cinemas from Øst for Paradis! Read the first reviews, screenings, etc. @ ekko, cinemazone →.

A Blast in Polish cinemas, September 11th

A BLAST in Polish cinemas, 11/09/2015, from Against Gravity!

“A uniquely intelligent, unprecedented portrait that reveals the moods, secrets and deep divisions that run in the Greek society in the times of crisis. There has never been such a powerful film about it before.” Polityka

“The heroine is a dynamite! Maria in A Blast is full of passion, anger and despair.” Gazeta

“The loneliness of the heroine and her rebellion against her family in a way is the abandoned portrait of the Greeks rebellion against those who guard their safety. Syllas Tzoumerkas proves himself to be so much more than a mere journalist with a short term of validity. I recommend!” Czytnikkultury blog

A BLAST in Italian cinemas

A BLAST in Roma, Milano, Torino, Napoli, Modena, Fermo, Palermo. For theaters & screening times, check here →.

August 27th: A Blast in Italian cinemas

Italian release of A Blast, August 27th, from microcinema!

Bonsai Films acquired Australian rights for A BLAST

Bonsai Films acquired the rights for A BLAST’s theatrical release in Australia.

Syllas Tzoumerkas and A Blast selected for the ‘Critics’ Choice: Variety’s 10 directors to watch 2015′ program of the 50th Karlovy Vary IFF

Syllas Tzoumerkas and A Blast were selected for the ‘Critics’ Choice: Variety‘s 10 directors to watch 2015’ program of the 50th Karlovy Vary IFF. Syllas Tzoumerkas will attend the festival to present film, 4 years after the presentation of Homeland (2010) in the first tribute to the Greek New Wave held by the Karlovy Vary festival.

Variety, more @ Karlovy Vary IFF

A Blast Korean poster for Jeonju IFF – 100 films, 100 posters

Graphic designer Min Kyungmoon designed the Korean poster for A Blast for the Jeonju International Film Festival’s exhibition 100 films, 100 posters.

Syllas Tzoumerkas and Angeliki Papoulia NDR and 12 Uhr Mittags (Knut Elstermann) interviews [de]

Syllas Tzoumerkas and Angeliki Papoulia talk to NDR (tv) and 12 Uhr Mittags (Radioeins) for the German release of A BLAST (AUSBRUCH). NDR tv-interview and 12 Uhr Mittags (Knut Elstermann, Radioeins

A BLAST – AUSBRUCH in German cinemas April 16

German preview premieres in attendance of Syllas Tzoumerkas & Angeliki Papoulia
Premiere mit Regisseur und Hauptdarstellerin:

Cologne,, Off Broadway, 9.4., 20.00 Uhr
Bonn, Brotfabrik, 10.4. 21.00 Uhr
Munster, Cinema, 11.4, 18.30 Uhr
Berlin, Hackesche H”fe Filmtheater, 12.4, 20.00 Uhr
Hamburg, 3001 Kino, 13.4, 19.00 Uhr

Ab 16.4:
Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Dresden, Essen
Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hannover
Kiel, Cologne, Leipzig, Lubeck, Munchen, Munster
Nurnberg, Potsdam, Saabrucken, Seefeld, Stuttgart

Ab 30.4:
Halle, Mainz

Ab 7.5
Karlsruhe, Oldenburg

more @ Real Fiction

A BLAST – AUSBRUCH – April 16th in German cinemas

Ab 16. April im Kino: A BLAST – AUSBRUCH
Ein Film von Syllas Tzoumerkas

Bis gestern noch versuchte Maria (Angeliki Papoulia) eine gute Mutter, eine liebevolle Ehefrau und eine verantwortungsbewusste Tochter zu sein. Doch jetzt bricht sie aus. Heute Abend, wenn die Sonne untergegangen ist, wird alles, was ihr jemals wichtig war, in Scherben liegen.

A BLAST in German cinemas from Real Fiction, April 16th 2015

Market screening for A BLAST at the Berlinale EFM 2015

Sunday 08.02.15, 14:30 @ CinemaxX 14 (Potsdamer Straße 5, 10785 Berlin)
Original version with english subtitles. More info and contacts @

Dutch premiere and theatrical poster for A BLAST

A Blast will have its Dutch premiere in a few days at the Limelight section of the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015 and Filmfreak has just released the poster for its theatrical release.

New feature film project by Syllas Tzoumerkas selected for the Rotterdam-Berlin Express

‘The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea’, the new film project to be directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas, written by Youla Boudali & Syllas Tzoumerkas and produced by Maria Drandaki & Ellen Havenith, was selected to participate at the Rotterdam IFF Cinemart 2015 and the Berlinale Co-production Market 2015.

The story involves two women – a murder suspect and a law enforcer – who discover a striking similarity between them: in a senseless, bland world, neither wants to abide by the law.

First titles of the 2015 Rotterdam IFF announced

Some seven weeks prior to the start of the festival, IFFR gives a glimpse of what to expect by revealing its first list of titles.

For its upcoming 44th edition, the festival will also be bringing films to Rotterdam that have been big art-house successes during the past year at other international film festivals. The programme will include works by renowned filmmakers such as Abderrahmane Sissako (Timbuktu), Ruben Östlund (Turist) and Christian Petzold (Phoenix). Home-grown talent will also be represented, with films by makers including Peter Hoogendoorn (Tussen 10 en 12). The 44th IFFR will take place from Wednesday 21 January through Sunday 1 February 2015.

These titles will be brought together under the label Limelight – new work by attractive names from contemporary cinema. All the films in Limelight will be screened in Dutch cinemas after their premieres at IFFR 2015. With Limelight, IFFR wishes to intensify its cooperation with Dutch distributors and support the release of quality, artistic films.

The likes of Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (The Tribe), Rolf de Heer (Charlie’s Country), Alice Rohrwacher (Le meraviglie), Martín Rejtman (Dos disparos), Sharon Maymon & Tal Granit (The Farewell Party) and Syllas Tzoumerkas (A Blast) will attend the festival to give a personal presentation of their films.

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A Blast in London BFI Film Festival by Popaganda [gr]

Η Popaganda στο Λονδίνο: η ΕΚΡΗΞΗ απλώνει στην οθόνη ολόκληρη την τελευταία δεκαετία | του Ιωσήφ Πρωιμάκη – Η νέα ταινία του Σύλλα Τζουμέρκα, που έκανε την Βρετανική πρεμιέρα της στο Φεστιβάλ του Λονδίνου, δεν είναι μόνο μια ταινία για την Ελλάδα της κρίσης. Είναι μια ταινία για το πριν της, το κατά τη διάρκεια, αλλά και το αβέβαιο μετά. Read more →

A Blast at the 12th TOFIFEST 2014

A BLAST will participate in competition at the 12th TOFIFEST in Toruń, Poland. Maria is running away on the highway. She is alone in her roaring SUV. Behind her, fire and a case full of money. In front of her, the hopeless vastness of the motorway. Only a day before she was a caring mother, a loving wife, a responsible daughter. Today she has gone rogue. As Syllas Tzoumerkas put it: “Set in the fervent years of the collapse of the Greek economy, A Blast tells the story of a generation’s disillusionment and radicalization. Maria starts her adult life with the best of intentions. Ten years after, no matter where she looks her world is cracking. Unwilling to reconcile with a life of unreturned care, lost dignity and broken-down desire to live, Maria attacks. She attacks herself, her past, the people she loves, her country and the perception of her sex in a relentless battle to find truth, in her and around her.”

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A Blast at the Hamburg Film Festival 2014

Yesterday, Maria was a caring mother and a loving wife. Now she’s in her SUV fleeing at top speed on the motorway, with a fire and a case full of banknotes behind her and a desolate expanse of asphalt in front of her. Maria is at war, against herself, but also her country and her family who have betrayed her dreams. Everything that has gone before should now end with a big bang. A Blast is a filmic explosion from Greece: a woman and a country on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

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A Blast at the BFI London FIlm Festival – DARE

Greek director Syllas Tzoumerkas’ second feature makes an impact that is, as its title suggests, loud and reverberant. Set against the backdrop of Greece’s ongoing financial crisis, the film focuses on Maria (Angeliki Papoulia, who starred in Alps, LFF 2012), a married mother of two whose prospects have been destroyed by the economic downturn. When we first encounter her, she’s fleeing the ruins of her life as her husband Yannis (Vassilis Doganis), the captain of a cargo ship currently in Germany, begins his worried journey home. A sharply stylised evocation of personal and national turbulence, which finds vivid expression in Tzoumerkas’ portrait of the disintegrating relationships between Maria and her family, the film also features poignant flashbacks to Maria’s more carefree youth. This is bold, urgent filmmaking, boasting exuberant performances from Papoulia and her fellow cast members. – Edward Lawrenson

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Α Blast | national premiere at the Athens IFF 2014

A Blast’s national premiere at the 20th Athens IFF 2014.

National premiere for A Blast at the 20th Athens IFF

Driving furiously down the highway, Maria (Angeliki Papoulia) flees, leaving a fire and a suitcase full of money behind, while the vastness of the motorway beckons ahead.

Just days before, she was an attentive mother, a loving wife and a dutiful daughter. Now she has started her own personal revolution, determined to destroy everything she once loved.

Violent yet honest, just like its central character, “A Blast” follows her attempt to take her life into her own hands. Black comedy and drama alternate constantly and a covert sense of affection pierces through the harsh reality, pushing Maria forward on the road to catharsis. Hers is an inherently Greek story and it’s more timely than ever.

With his sophomore feature, Syllas Tzoumerkas holds the future in his hands, as he continues to attract the attention of some of the most important festivals around the world.

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The Hollywood Reporter

5 Things Not to Miss at Locarno International Film Festival, Read the full article →

Sarajevo International Film Festival Feature Competition

A BLAST selected for the Sarajevo International Film Festival Feature Competition
15 – 23/8/2014

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World Premiere at the Locarno Film Festival

World Premiere of A BLAST at the Locarno Film Festival International Competition
6 – 16/8/2014
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Angeliki Papoulia

Syllas Tzoumerkas

Vassilis Doganis

Angeliki Papoulia

Youla Boudali, Ellen Havenith, Vassilis Doganis, Angeliki Papoulia, Syllas Tzoumerkas, Maria Drandaki, Themis Bazaka

Themis Bazaka, Vassilis Doganis, Angeliki Papoulia, Syllas Tzoumerkas with Carlo Chatrian

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