Vassilis Doganis


Vassilis Doganis is a Greek director-screenwriter who grew up in France. During his studies in Philosophy, he spent 3 years in Tokyo where he made a documentary on a Japanese rap band (Kami Hito E – On the Edge) and was 1st AD on Limosin’s documentary Young Yakuza (Cannes 2007). He has worked as a script doctor for Celluloid Dreams and was selected at the 2010 Berlinale’s Talent Project Market for the feature script Lifelined (Entre les lignes), which was also awarded the FADS grant by the 2010 Amiens International Film Festival.

In 2011, after attending the Binger Filmlab (Directors Lab), he directed his first fiction short film, His Brother’s Keeper (Le Gardien de son frère, 20′, Zadig Films, 2012) which was selected at the 2012 Angers ‘First Shots’ Film Festival.

He is currently working on his first feature film, Time of the Riots (Le Temps des émeutes, Elzévir Films) based on the 2005 suburban riots in France.

Α Blast is his first appearance as an actor in a film.

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